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Two Post Car Lifts Control System Structure

Two Post Car Lifts Control system structure

With the continuous development of society, in all walks of life in a variety of building construction cargo traffic is growing, and freight lifts for the transport of goods between the floor to provide a convenient, greatly improving the efficiency of production and operation. This demand for freight lifts more and more, as building construction in the necessary ancillary equipment, especially in commercial and manufacturing enterprises in a wider range of applications. The design and manufacture of freight lifts are also taken into account.

According to the requirements of freight elevator operation control is accurate, safe and reliable. The system functions as follows: When the freight elevator stops at the current level, in the current layer operation, the system accepts the instruction to control the delivery of any layer. Second, when the freight elevator stops at the other level, the system accepts the instruction to control the current layer at the current level. Third, only in the call layer or reach the layer operation is valid, the other layer operation is invalid, accompanied by voice prompts and floor status instructions. Fourth, only in the landing door can be opened, the rest of the door locked. Each side is equipped with an emergency stop button, when the accident open the security door, or press the emergency stop button, the system will automatically stop running and in each layer are prompted to stop the cause and the location of the lift. Fifth, the precise level control, the error is less than 1cm. Sixth, when the load exceeds the rated value, the system automatically determine and make a sound prompt, until the load down to within the rated range, the system can resume normal operation. Seventh, to detect the closure of the lift door, such as closed or there is a foreign body, the system does not run and issued a voice prompt. Eighth, open the door after the anti-rope protection device to start, and by the security door to start the car inside the lighting. Ninth, when the lift unexpected situation, the operating speed exceeds the rated 15%, the system automatically output control signals, trigger the mechanical protection device to stop the operation of the lift.

Tenth, half-way power failure recovery, the system automatically determine and docked in the next next layer.

Through the system function requirements analysis, in order to achieve the above functions of the overall system structure design. The block diagram of the freight lift control system is shown. System of the rise and fall, emergency stop call signal by a dedicated bus to the microcontroller as the core of the control system. The MCU collects the information containing the command or status of each floor, carries on the comprehensive judgment, the logic arbitration and the real-time control, and sends the execution order and the current state of the system to the corresponding layers through the bus to guide the operation.

Based on the single-chip freight elevator control system design bookmark1 □ Zhang Shenggang content This article describes the MSP430F2232 microcontroller as the core of the freight elevator control system. The system completes the design of each floor call, freight lift operation, emergency stop, freight lift location, freight lift door, lighting, fault control and display. Using MAX485 chip constitute a dedicated bus long-term drive, to achieve long-distance, anti-jamming, multi-point communication. The single-chip output controls the running command of the traction machine, such as ascending, descending and stopping of the traction machine, and the middle is separated by the optocoupler to realize the safe and reliable control and management of the multi-storey freight lift, the door chain control operation and the precise leveling layer.

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