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Car Parking Lifts Hydraulic Drive

Car Parking Lifts Hydraulic drive

The hydraulic lift is a deployment of equipment that will cause the goods to fall to a certain height. The hydraulic lift is a multi-function lifting loader setting equipment deployment.

First, use:

Hydraulic lifts can be used for workshops, ports, construction, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, chemicals, hotels, gymnasiums, industrial and mining, enterprises and other high-altitude operations and maintenance.

Hydraulic lift landing system, is driven by hydraulic, it is called hydraulic hydraulic lift. Enterprises in the purchase of hydraulic hydraulic lifts, the first of the use of the scope of the enterprise, the level of things frequently, the utilization rate, the rated weight and other factors held a comprehensive consideration, select the unit to use the requirements of the event level additional lifts.

In the workshop, active stack and other logistics systems held in the vertical transport, the hydraulic lift is often equipped with a variety of plane transport equipment deployment, as a different height of the conveyor line connection device. As usual to accept the hydraulic drive, so called hydraulic lift. In addition to the difference as a high degree of delivery of goods, throughout the application of high altitude placement, maintenance and other operations.

Second, the classification and set up equipment deployment:

According to the difference between the lifting mechanism: scissor lift, lift lift, sleeve lift, lift arm lift, folding arm lift.

According to the method of moving the difference points: solid lift, procrastination lift, self-propelled lifts, car lifts, can be driven lifts. Many hydraulic lift manufacturers also produce tire-type boarding bridge, ground-type boarding bridge, also classified as such introduction.

Hydraulic lifts: hydraulic lifts for automotive, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and other property companies and production lines to meet the height of the different operations of the ups and downs of the demand, and can be equipped with a variety of countertops (such as ball, Drums, turntables, steering, tipping, stretching), common control methods (split, linkage, explosion), with a safe and accurate ups and downs, frequent start, heavy load and other characteristics, useful for a variety of property companies in the ups and downs, So that production operations easily.

Solid lift: is a kind of high stability of the landing, the application of a wide range of goods lifting equipment deployment is important for the production line between the height difference between the goods delivery; material on the line, off the assembly; workpiece device to adjust the height of the workpiece; Machine loading; large-scale installation equipment deployment device parts lifting; large machine loading, cutting; storage and handling occasions and forklifts and other vehicles supporting the rapid loading and unloading and so on.

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