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Car Parking Lifts Hydraulic Drive The Way

Car Parking Lifts Hydraulic drive the way

Hydraulic lifting platform using hydraulic drive way to lift the lift platform movements, many mechanical equipment are used in this way brake. This type of lifting brake can have a larger load to produce a greater power, can load heavier goods.

The use of hydraulic lifting platform for the use of production to bring great convenience in the normal production and use can be used for timber handling, container handling and other operations. In the use of machinery, the lifting machinery in the use of a period of time after the need for regular maintenance, especially in the environment is relatively poor conditions, the maintenance of machinery is to maintain the most important work of a mechanical work, need to be based on environmental differences The maintenance.

The temperature is relatively low environment, the maintenance work of the lift need to do a good job, in order to prevent the hydraulic oil icing we recommend the beginning of the winter to replace the 32's hydraulic oil to ensure the normal operation of the lifting platform hydraulic system. In the winter, steel used in the lifting platform not only to meet the requirements of impact toughness, but also must meet the strength requirements. In order to cope with the influence of welding structure on the thermal stress and stress concentration of the low temperature and the lifting parts of the platform, we should choose reasonable lifting platform structure. Metal materials in the relatively large temperature conditions are easy to reduce the service life, hydraulic lifting platform braking system in the mechanical process will produce the corresponding temperature changes, the liquid state is also different from the general conditions, it is best to mechanical Before use, do some of the corresponding "warm-up" hydraulic lifts hydraulic components and piping maintenance

1, regular inspection of Inner Mongolia hydraulic lift of the oil filter. When the filter work for some time, the filter core precipitated a certain amount of impurities, dirt, then the pressure will increase, the flow rate will decline, the need to promptly remove impurities. If you find the filter deformation or damage, need to immediately replace the filter. , Regularly check the hydraulic lift of hydraulic lifts in Inner Mongolia. Hydraulic pipes used to transfer the media, bear the pressure, it is not free to trample, pull the pipe, not harmful solvents and liquids sprinkled on the pipeline to prevent corrosion of the pipeline. To regularly check whether the pipeline wear and tear, rupture phenomenon, the above situation, should be replaced. In addition, to regularly check the joints, joints can not be loose and sealed better to prevent leakage of hydraulic oil. 2. Regular inspection of hydraulic lifts in Inner Mongolia hydraulic lifts, hydraulic cylinders. To check the cleaning valve, sequence valve, relief valve, valve and other valves. Check whether the full stroke of the hydraulic cylinder movement is normal, whether the hydraulic system is inside leakage and leakage, and the seal or valve can be replaced when leaked.

3, the hydraulic lift tank to be sealed, the tank on the ventilation holes should be set at the air filter to prevent the invasion of dirt and moisture. Refueling should be carried out when refueling.

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