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Car Parking Lifts Lifting Loading And Unloading

Car Parking Lifts Lifting loading and unloading

Lifting platform is a kind of people or goods to a certain height of the lifting equipment. Lifting platform is a multi-function lifting loading and unloading machinery and equipment.

First, use:

Lifting platform can be used for factories, terminals, construction, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, chemicals, hotels, gymnasiums, industrial and mining enterprises and other high-altitude operations and maintenance.

Lifting platform lift system, is driven by hydraulic, it is called hydraulic lift platform. Enterprises in the purchase of hydraulic lifting platform, the first to the use of the enterprise, the frequency of work, utilization, rated weight and other factors to consider, select the appropriate level of use of the unit requirements of the lift.

In the factory, automatic warehouse and other logistics systems for vertical transport, the lift platform is often also equipped with a variety of flat conveyor equipment, as a different height of the transmission line connection device. General use of hydraulic drive, so called hydraulic lift. In addition to the delivery of goods as a different height, widely used in high-altitude installation, maintenance and other homework.

Second, classification and configuration:

In accordance with the different points of the lifting mechanism: scissor lift, lifting lift, sleeve lift, lift arm lift, folding arm lift.

According to the different methods of moving: fixed lift, drag-and-drop platform, self-propelled platform, car lift, can drive-type lift. Many hydraulic lift factory also produces tire-type boarding bridge, ground-type boarding bridge, also included in such introduction.

Hydraulic lifts: hydraulic lifts are widely used in automobile, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and other industrial enterprises and production lines, to meet the different height of the lifting needs, and can be equipped with various forms of table Ball, roller, turntable, steering, tipping, stretching), with a variety of control methods (split, linkage, explosion), with a smooth and correct lifting, frequent start, heavy load and other characteristics, effectively solve all kinds of industrial enterprises in the lift Hard work, so that production homework easily.

Fixed lifting platform: is a kind of lifting and chaos is not good, a wide range of goods lifting equipment is mainly used for production line between the height difference between the goods delivery; material on the line, off the assembly line; workpiece assembly to adjust the height of the workpiece; Material loading and unloading; large equipment assembly parts lifting; large machine loading, cutting materials; storage and installation sites and forklifts and other vehicles supporting the rapid loading and unloading and so on.

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