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Car Parking Lifts Not In Accordance With The Provisions Of The Method

Car Parking Lifts Not in accordance with the provisions of the method

What are the major problems with scissor lifts?

First, the table tilt is the highest probability of scissor lift, especially mobile scissor lift. The reason for the tilt of the table is divided into two categories: man-made and product itself. Human factors are mainly do not pay attention to the daily use, not in accordance with the provisions of the method to operate the lifting platform caused by various problems, this we have for the time being.

Second, the lifting platform itself and the use of defects after the loss caused:

1. Pipeline inside the foreign body, resulting in the transmission of hydraulic oil caused by uneven force, there will be uneven uneven table, it is recommended to carefully check the delivery tubing is smooth.

2. Cylinder loss is serious, the internal closure of the ring is not even damage or obstruction is likely to cause uneven force, resulting in uneven height of the cylinder lift, it is recommended to carefully check the cylinder is normal

3. Rod production size is inconsistent, belonging to the lifting platform equipment, the quality of their own defects, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to replace, this situation appears less likely.

4. The middle shaft of the struts is inconsistent, resulting in the lifting platform can not work properly, the platform receives serious damage, the table tilt, please carefully view

The general lift before leaving the factory did not do a strict tilt detection, put into the market, resulting in a lot of accidents, for the tilt detection, for the majority of small businesses is not very concerned about this part of the test, which is why there is such a number The large lift equipment has the reason for this problem. Fuel tanks and power unit system problems, often lack of power, and the quality of the cylinder failure, the same for the enterprise itself is also very need to pay attention to the problem.

Fixed lifting platform is a kind of lifting stability is good, a wide range of goods lifting equipment is mainly used for the production line between the height difference between the goods delivery; material on the line, off the assembly; workpiece assembly to adjust the height of the workpiece; Feeding; large equipment assembly parts lifting; large machine loading, cutting materials; storage and storage places and forklifts and other vehicles supporting the rapid loading and unloading and so on.

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