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Car Parking Lifts Overheating

Car Parking Lifts Overheating

Parking lot lift hydraulic pump overheating method

For the parking lot elevator hydraulic pump overheating this failure is less, but not that can not happen. The reason for the overheating of the parking lot is due to low mechanical efficiency or low volumetric efficiency. Due to mechanical efficiency and low mechanical friction, resulting in loss of mechanical energy. Due to the low volumetric efficiency, a large loss of hydraulic pressure, loss of mechanical energy, hydraulic energy can become heat. So that the pump temperature rise too high, the reason there are four points:

(1) between the moving parts between the pump. The gap is too small, so that the moving parts in dry friction and semi-dry friction state, and produce a lot of heat.

(2) bearing burned.

(3) with oil pan or rotor ablation.

 (4) the rotor and the oil plate between the axial clearance is too large, serious leakage and heat. With the development of social science and technology, lifts have become popular in every corner of social life, the use of more and more widely, whether it is construction, civil engineering, and people's daily life are inseparable from the lift machinery, many businesses to seize this opportunity to invest Construction, lifting machinery company followed by bamboo shelter in the major industrial cities, the lift market is hot exception, in short supply, from the side can be seen, the rapid development of society, driven by the development of the industry as well as people's needs, but as How does the purchaser choose a good lift machine in the company's goods to become an important topic today?

A: buy lifting machinery, can not blindly buy, to do a full market research, as well as field trips to determine the size of its company and its degree of credibility. This is the first and necessary, the market many small-scale enterprises in order to seek violence and cut corners, so that the quality of lifting products greatly reduced, although they will sell very cheap, but this mechanical time is not long, and the risk factor The Therefore, as buyers can not covet a little price of cheap and lead to greater regret.

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