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Car Parking Lifts To Drive

Car Parking Lifts To drive

1. Self-propelled elevator

Have to walk and to drive function itself, elevator without people Traction, flexible mobile without external power supply, make the work high above the more convenient and quick, is the ideal of modern enterprise efficient safety production aerial work equipment. Able to walk quickly and slowly in different working conditions, only one person can complete and move up and down, forward, backward, turn and so on in the air. Especially suitable for airport terminal building, station, wharf, shopping mall, sports venues, residential property, plant and mining workshops and other wide range of operations.

2. Carriage (battery, diesel) lift

The lifting machine is mounted on a car's high-altitude operating equipment. It is composed of a special chassis, working arm frame, three-dimensional full swing mechanism, flexible clamping device, hydraulic system, electrical system and safety device. Special equipment for high-altitude operation which is refitted by lift and electric cylinder. It used car engines or storage battery dc power, original without external power supply, can drive and driven lift platform, is it convenient to move, a wide scope of operation flow, product has no pollution, no exhaust, work scope is big, strong liquidity. Especially suitable for cold storage, dense crowd area (railway station, bus station, airport). Widely used in urban construction, oil fields, transportation, municipal and other industries. According to individual requirements can be a power failure cases of emergency drop device, balance valve, automatic pressure maintaining device such as a security and prevent aerial lift platform overload safety device, electric leakage protection device and open phase protection device, prevent hydraulic pipeline rupture safety explosion-proof device.

3. The new generation of new products designed by mobile elevators adopts new alloy profiles, which make the lifting platform's deflection and oscillation minimal due to its high material strength. Its lightness and lightness can exert the highest lifting capacity in a small space. Make it easy to work with a single person and move your homework.

4. Traction elevator self-propelled elevator

Used car or tractor traction, move fast, convenient, compact structure, adopts new type of high quality steel, high strength, light weight, direct access to the alternating current (ac) or the power to start the car itself, construction speed is quick, with a telescopic boom, workbench extension, as well as rise, still can rotate 360 degrees, the obstacles to reach the working position, is the ideal aerial work equipment.

5, imobile elevator optional configuration with artificial hydraulic power, convenience and the surrounding the lap joint of frame, roller rolling or motor, prevent pinches safe touch, organ type safety guards, moving or motor rotary worktable, hydraulic flip table, to prevent falling elevator safety support bar, stainless steel security guard network, power system of electric or hydraulic elevator walking, mesa of ball.

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