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Car Parking Lifts Using Electric Hydraulic

Car Parking Lifts Using electric hydraulic

Fixed hydraulic lifting platform is the use of a very wide range of vertical cargo transport equipment, which uses electric hydraulic drive, heavy load, is the hydraulic lifting platform in the Hercules, in the maintenance of fixed hydraulic lifting platform, in order to protect the safety of staff, Maintenance effect, in the maintenance process has a lot of attention to note.

5. Fixed lifting platform before the start of the maintenance, you must inventory the tools used in the maintenance of the end of the tool should be sorted, and inventory, to prevent maintenance tools used in the equipment, especially within the distribution box.

6. Maintenance of fixed lifting platform process, the removal of small parts must be classified in different categories of containers, for some complex parts, in order to facilitate the installation, you can use the marker to mark, after the completion of inspection to check the parts of the container Whether there are removable parts, to ensure that all the parts are installed.

When the fastening screw is tightened, it is best to use a torque wrench to prevent excessive force from damaging the screws.

It is necessary to check the number of maintenance personnel before the power test, to ensure that no one inside the fixed hydraulic lifting platform, which in the maintenance of large fixed hydraulic lift is necessary.Check the number of people, check the equipment and maintenance after the repair site, Before delivery test.

10 fixed hydraulic lifting platform after the completion of maintenance, must complete the equipment maintenance records, maintenance records should include the equipment maintenance date, attend the maintenance staff, overhaul the project, replace the parts of the brand, model and specifications, maintenance effects, maintenance After the completion of the equipment is still a problem, etc. Maintenance records should be saved, has been post-check.

    High-altitude work lift for the four-wheel mobile walking, vertical lift, the main structure of the scissors Shanghai Baosteel manganese steel rectangular tube production, wide work surface, solid structure, high carrying capacity, smooth lift, easy installation and maintenance, , So that high-altitude operations more secure, more efficient. According to its use of the environment and the use of requirements, you can choose a different combination of power, choose a different optional configuration, complete lifting items and other tasks, to achieve better results. The height of the lifting platform can be increased by the increase of the number of scissors. The platform adopts electric lift control and can be operated up and down. The power unit of the electric lift is divided into 220v and 380v power supply by the German Anshan joint venture pumping station. Also equipped with manual hydraulic pump, power failure can be achieved through the manual form of lifting equipment purposes. Countertop with anti-skid insulation pinch board to ensure the safety of goods and personnel, easy to replace, easy to clean, the overall beautiful atmosphere.

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