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Car Repair Lifts Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Platform

At present, the hydraulic synchronous lifting platform used in vehicle maintenance plays an important role in the maintenance of the automobile. Through the improvement of the various hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumping stations of the synchronous lifting platform, the hydraulic synchronous lifting platform has Smooth operation, low noise, fast response, high precision synchronization, for the maintenance and maintenance of China's automobile plays an irreplaceable role in the application of a wide range of prospects. 44444444S shop car repair dedicated lift is a double articulated scissor lift, it is based on the original scissor lift, the use of the current flexibility, security, economy and other indicators; structure to meet the flexibility requirements of higher Of the vehicle maintenance needs to be designed for the premise. Through the analysis of the position parameters and dynamic parameters of the double articulated scissor lift mechanism, combined with the concrete example, the two hydraulic cylinders in the mechanism are analyzed and compared, and the hydraulic actuators are designed and calculated according to the requirements. Finally, the hydraulic actuators - hydraulic cylinder, through the fork of the various force analysis to determine the platform and fork load requirements, and ultimately complete the forklift hydraulic lift design requirements.

Design of lifts for automobile maintenance of 4S shop

 Car lift is 4S shop car repair operations essential equipment, its main role is for the engine, chassis, transmission and other maintenance and repair to facilitate. Lifts are from the beginning of the 20th century began to use, the development has gone through a lot of changes to improve the type of more, generally have a column, scissors, the drive way chain drive, hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission. This chapter provides a brief introduction to the generation, development and manufacturing processes of lifts. Car lifts have been in the world for 70 years. 1925 in the United States produced the first car lift, it is a pneumatic control of the single column lift, due to the use of low air pressure, and thus the larger cylinder; at the same time using leather for sealing, and thus compressed air Bounce is serious and unstable. It was not until 10 years later that the single column lifts began to be used elsewhere in the United States in 1935. In 1966, a German company produced the first double-column lift, which was another breakthrough in the design of the lift, but until 1977 the lift was present in other countries outside of Germany. Now double-column lift in the market to occupy a solid position, its sales are still growing. It is compared with the four-column lift, both advantages and disadvantages, the following will be a brief description. We have seen the vast majority of lifts are fixed installation. The car must take a lift before lifting. There are several successful designs for mobile lifts, such as scissors lifts, jib lifts and so on. But there are still two main problems with these lifts, which are harder to get close to the lower part of the car; it is difficult to overcome obstacles on the ground when moving the lift in the shop floor. Of course, mobility is the outstanding advantage of such lifts. Fixed-installed single-column, double-column and four-post lifts are now widely used in maintenance sites, while mobile lifts are much less.

Initially designed single column lift, the larger the vehicle, the chassis can also be clearly identified, so the car repair area is far greater than the lifting device. Today, the vast majority of cars are "compact" or "semi-compact", resulting in vehicle maintenance area close to the main lift device and inconvenient operation. But in South America is an exception, where there is still a large vehicle, which may be a single column lift in the region's market is still an important reason for the welcome. Single column lifts have two major advantages: when it falls, it will not become an obstacle to repair shop; the car can be turned on the lift. But the United States has been blamed, mainly the rotation of the lift will bring the risk of impact operators. The main drawback of the single-column lift is: first, it needs to be excavated in the workshop floor after a considerable pit to install; secondly, it can only be used to provide wheel support; third, difficult to use when the lower part of the car Some important maintenance area. Lifting the tank with hidden in the ground also to the maintenance of two major problems: the first is to repair these parts is quite difficult; followed by the cylinder where the environmental conditions are poor, easy to rust, especially when the groundwater level is high Even more so.

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