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Car Repair Lifts Lifted Steadily

Car Repair Lifts Lifted steadily

Small lifts with small appearance, light weight, small swing, easy to move, load capacity, smooth and so on, can easily enter the general hall, and can enter the general elevator for high-level operations, which uses two-phase power for power , And with hand pressure lifting, easy to use, is the ideal climbing equipment.

The use of small lifts, to do regular inspection and maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers, troubleshooting, to do these to improve work efficiency, extend equipment life and protect the safety performance of the lift are good. Monthly should ensure that the total position of the transmission of the butter nozzle at least twice the butter to lubricate, for the parts can not be added butter, be sure to clear the oil or replace the butter mouth until the butter can be added so far, otherwise prohibit the use of equipment.

Any machinery in use must comply with the appropriate operating procedures, of course, small lifts are no exception.

Small lift operating procedures:

1. Lift in the factory have passed the inspection and commissioning, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, use only need to turn on the power, hydraulic, electrical system without adjustment.

2. Before the machine is used, the staff should carefully check the hydraulic, electrical system, no leakage or naked leakage before they can be used.

3. When the lift is in use, the four legs should be firmly supported on a solid floor (whichever is about to leave the ground).

4. Small lifts need to run without load for one to three times before the load operation.

5. The center of gravity of the load should be in the center of the table.

6. Make sure that the active doors at both ends of the protective railing are tightly locked before work.

7. When in use, press the clockwise valve in the clockwise direction to tighten the manual valve to the middle position, start the motor to make the system work, and then pull the handle to the lifting position, lift platform to rise, to reach The required height and then push the handle to the middle position, lifting platform that is to stop rising, while closing the motor, you can work. When you drop, release the oil return valve (counterclockwise rotation), the platform can rely on weight can be reduced. (Note: the motor can not be reversed!)

8. When using the manual pump, first press the return valve knob clockwise to tighten the handle to the middle position, press the handle, the platform can rise. When falling, release the oil return valve, the platform descends.

There is no safety, please be sure to follow the correct operating practices.

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