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Elevator Precautions

Elevator Precautions

City life, high-rise buildings everywhere, whether it is home or office office, the use of elevators are undoubtedly inevitable, scientific elevator can greatly reduce the occurrence of ladder accidents, then, how to take the elevator to avoid danger? Please refer to the following on the elevator three major precautions.

One, never stepping a step across the door

If you can always use the button call, in any case do not Pa door, then you take the elevator safety factor will be greatly increased. Because the accident analysis shows that more than 70% of elevator accidents have occurred on the ladder door, and most of them are related to the door. Why is this? Know the structure of the elevator people know that from the outside clawed ladder door, is tantamount to appear in front of your feet a trap; from inside the claw ladder has been cut, squeeze, rubbing the risk. Therefore, when the elevator must see and then enter the stairs to stop, and then open the door and then out.

Second, the trapped car is not chaotic

Take the elevator may also be trapped in the inside, which is as normal as traffic jams, and therefore no need to panic, but not so chaos, chaos, chaos drumming. To know, trapped in the car is not dangerous, but chaos is the cause of the accident. This is also a major type of elevator accident. Because there are many reasons for the sudden stop ladder, may be caused by power outages, it may be caused by other reasons, without knowing the cause, all reckless escape behavior are blind adventure.

Third, there is no fear of abnormal

If it is not lucky, you encounter an elevator in the car out of control, then you should honestly stay in the "any wind and waves", and not any harm, big deal to withstand several shocks only. Because after the control of the elevator there are several sets of reliable and reliable protection device to protect your safe "landing." In this case, a fear of your excessive panic, the second fear you escape eager. You know, this time the escape is more than trapped in the car.

Although the current development of elevator technology has been quite mature, but does not mean that will completely avoid all the risks, if you do not pay attention or wrong operation still have the possibility of danger.

 Requiring the elevator shaft in the building to help prevent the spread of the flame, so the elevator shaft should be completely closed by the non-porous wall, floor and roof.

Only the following openings are allowed:

A) floor opening;

B) access doors to the hoistway, safety doors and access to the shutter doors;

C) holes in the case of fire, excluding gases and fumes;

D) Ventilation holes;

E) the necessary functional openings between the hoistway and the engine room and the pulley;

F) openings in the partition between the elevators.

The floor opening of the elevator will be determined by the building function and the elevator use. Such as some passengers (beds) elevators or ladders, in the same station to open through the two doors to facilitate the staff (beds) access or cargo loading and unloading, this time there are two layers of the floor opening. Special building structure, requiring the car at right angles to open the two doors from the security point of view, the passenger ladder is generally not suitable for two doors.For the interval service of the elevator, not every floor of the building gate opening, often in the non-service floor (Also known as the blind layer) does not open the door in order to consider the elevator failure to rescue passengers within the car, if the distance between the two adjacent doors to more than 11 m between the time should be set security doors.

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