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Scissor Car Lifts Aerial Work

Scissor Car Lifts Aerial work

Scissor lifts are widely used for high-altitude operations. Its scissors mechanical structure, so that the lifting platform has a high stability, large operating platform and a higher carrying capacity, so that the scope of high-altitude operation, and for more than people at the same time operations. It makes work more efficient and safer.

Classification editor

Scissor lifts are divided into: fixed scissor lift, mobile scissor lift, self-scissor lift, car scissor lift, manual tractor scissor lift, cargo forklift forklift.

Use edits

For the building layer between the high-volume transport of goods dedicated hydraulic movements, the main products used in a variety of work between the goods from top to bottom delivery; three-dimensional garage and underground garage high car lift. Product hydraulic system set anti-fall, overload safety protection devices, the floor and the work surface can be set to operate the button to achieve multi-point control. Product structure is strong, carrying capacity, smooth lift, lift installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, is economical and practical low-floor alternative elevator ideal transport equipment. According to the installation environment of the lift and the use of requirements, choose a different optional configuration, can achieve better results.

Self-scissor lift

Able to work in different height of the fast, slow walking, you can easily operate in the air platform for continuous up and down, forward, backward, steering and so on. This product adopts high-quality structural steel, laser welding electronic manipulator single-sided welding double-sided molding process, Italy imported hydraulic pump station or Anshan joint venture hydraulic pump station, space cartridge valve technology, platform equipped with level alarm, balance valve, automatic safety Board and other alarm devices, the platform safe and reliable, operating height of up to 12 meters, load 300 kg, the fence can extend the scope of the great expansion of the operating range, the whole year warranty, the key parts of the five-year warranty for the factory workshop, Lobby airports, parks and other customers with high-altitude operations needs.

Car scissor-type lift: set four-wheel move and two traction in one, the use of cars, tricycles or battery car chassis chassis platform, the use of the engine or DC power to drive, can drive the platform can also be used to promote Urban construction, oil, transportation, municipal, factory and other industries of high-altitude operations.

Traction lift

The use of external power to do traction, the use of three-phase power supply or diesel engine to do power, easy to move, suitable for long-distance operations, mainly for oil, electricity, urban construction, post and telecommunications industry field operations.

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