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Scissor Car Lifts Rise Process

Scissor Car Lifts Rise process

Scissor lift in the use of the process, it will inevitably be some fault problems, if not resolved in a timely manner will bring serious inconvenience to use, thus affecting the efficiency. So in the following content to give you a few common questions to solve Method, the next time you encounter these problems to know how to deal with the.

Scissor lift

1. Scissor lift lift process can not stop

2. Scissor lift on the trip switch damage, replace the trip switch.

3. Scissor lift control handle and distribution box button is damaged. Repair or replace the handle or button.

4, scissors lift lifting or unable to rise

(1) lifting platform load overload shall ensure that the load does not exceed the lifting platform rated load.

(2) The power supply voltage is too low Check the supply voltage to ensure that the voltage at the time of operation of the motor is within the allowable floating range.

5, lifting platform naturally decline

(1) check valve flow. Check the valve group in the one-way valve, if you find a single valve sealing surface dirt, cleaning check valve.

(2) Relief valve is not closed. Repair or replace the pressure relief valve.

6, lifting platform does not decline

(1) the falling valve failure. In the case of pressing the drop button, check whether there is power on the descending valve. If there is no electricity, try to exclude; if there is electricity, you should check the solenoid valve spool is jammed or damaged.

(2) Falling speed control valve offset. Adjust the descending speed control valve, such as adjusting the invalid replacement valve.

7, the descending valve can not be closed

(1) the lowering valve is damaged or stuck, cleaned or replaced by a hydraulic valve.

(2) the elevator under the trip switch is damaged, replace the next trip switch.No drop switch on the lift platform, should check the time relay normal operation is normal.

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