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Single Post Car Lifts According To Wingspan

Single Post Car Lifts According to wingspan

The crank arm lift is a replacement for the arm lift. Can be extended operation, across a certain obstacle or in a lift can be multi-point operation; 36 0 degrees rotation, platform load, for two or more people at the same time and can carry a certain equipment; lifting platform mobility Good, convenient transfer site; beautiful appearance, suitable for stations, docks, shopping malls, sports venues, residential properties, factories and mines, and other large-scale operations.


The use of high-quality structural steel, single-sided welding double-sided molding process, imported hydraulic pump station or domestic joint venture hydraulic pump station, high-altitude operation platform with a balance valve, automatic pressure and other safety devices, platform safe and reliable. The series of lifts with mobile flexibility, smooth movements, heavy load, easy to operate and so on,


Crank-type aerial work platform in accordance with the wingspan can be divided into two kinds of straight arm and crank arm, and more for the shipyard and other highly demanding places, such machines are better security, easy to move, but the cost is high. It is widely used in high-altitude operations such as factories, automatic warehouses, parking lots, municipalities, railway stations, airports, cinemas, exhibition halls, docks, construction, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, petroleum, chemical, hotels, gymnasiums, industrial and mining, service. Is the maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, exchange lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance purposes such as the best choice. Can be designed and manufactured according to individual requirements. The fire brigade generally uses this lift.

According to the different ways to move

1. Mobile lift

The new design of a new generation of products, using a new alloy profiles, due to high material strength, so that the lifting platform and swing very small. Its light appearance, in a very small space to play the highest lifting capacity. So that a single high-altitude operations become easy, you can move to work.

Fixed lift

Fixed lift is a kind of lifting stability is good, can not move only fixed operation, so that high-altitude operations become easy. Mainly used in the production line or between the floor of the cargo delivery; material on the line, off the assembly line; workpiece assembly to adjust the height of the workpiece; high feeder feeding; large equipment assembly parts lifting; large machine loading, cutting; Places and forklifts and other vehicles supporting the rapid loading and unloading and so on.

According to the requirements, fixed-type elevator can be equipped with auxiliary equipment, any combination, such as lift cars can be used with the import and export of equipment used to make the delivery process fully automated, the operator does not have to enter the lift, so as to ensure the safety of the operator, And can achieve multi-storey cargo transport, to improve production efficiency; electrical control mode; work platform form; power form. The correct choice of various configurations, can maximize the function of the lift, to obtain the best use of results. The optional configuration of the fixed lift is manual hydraulic power, easy to overlap with the surrounding facilities flap, rolling or motorized roller, to prevent the safety of the rolling foot, the organ safety shield, human or mobile rotary table , Hydraulic flip table, to prevent the landing of the safety of the support bar, stainless steel safety nets, electric or hydraulic lift walking power system, universal ball table.

3. Wall-mounted lifts

Is used for cargo movements of hydraulic lifting machinery and equipment, the use of hydraulic cylinders as the main driving force, through the heavy chain and wire rope drive to ensure the absolute safety of the machine running. Without the pit and the engine room, especially suitable for a basement, warehouse renovation, new shelves, etc., with easy installation and maintenance, beautiful, safe, easy to operate. Specific according to the actual production environment.

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