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Single Post Car Lifts Situation Development

Single Post Car Lifts Situation development

China's bicycle lifts have been behind the bicycle bicycle for decades, foreign countries as early as the 1860s appeared on the bicycle lifts, and China has not yet developed a bicycle lift equipment, and later with the development of science and technology in China gradually on the bicycle lifts Equipment has a little new understanding, if you can break the cycle of cycling some old ideas to speed up its pace of rapid development. I feel we must have the spirit of innovation, to break the traditional concept, look ahead. We also know that the current bicycle lifts in the contradictions, companies can not cope with changes in the situation, the development of ideas and the development of the industry do not adapt to the situation; bicycle lifts in the industry and the development of the status of the urgent needs of people do not adapt; Lift enterprises are not compatible with the understanding and use of people and the laws of market economy.

The most important is the weak technological innovation, technological progress is slow, new product development has not fundamentally get rid of imitation tracking situation, R & D investment less; product profitability is low, competitiveness is not strong, economic growth, efficiency is still Mainly on the scale of pulling, energy, labor and other resource consumption and advanced level there is a certain gap; there are some bicycle lifts enterprise management extensive, fine management has not yet achieved; market awareness, competition awareness, sense of urgency is not strong and so on. In the face of too many unfavorable we want to break this idea, learn from the lessons of innovation and development of bicycle lifts to speed up the pace of development of bicycle lifts. First of all, as a business philosophy innovation, including scientific and technological innovation, service innovation, corporate culture innovation, leadership innovation, incentive way innovation, conform to the development of the times, only innovation will develop. Second, the bike lifts industry application integrity to establish a good image, corporate credit is not good, will be ruthless market competition was eliminated, the most simple and practical way is to pay attention to integrity in marketing activities, integrity is a business business is good or bad Of the protection, integrity will bring profits to the enterprise. Again is the bicycle lifts industry should be carried out in a comprehensive manner to "five changes" as the central content of the fine management activities to promote the improvement of enterprise basic management level. The development of bicycle lifts is not only the improvement of equipment, but also the quality of personnel to improve the credit, to all-round increase in the status of such a bicycle lift in the market will be more significant development needs will be greater, the development will greatly accelerate the pace The.

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