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Two Post Car Parking Lifts Main Component

Two Post Car Parking Lifts main component

First, the vertical lift type parking garage Overview vertical lift type parking garage, also known as tower three-dimensional parking garage, it is through the hoist lift and installed on the hoisting machine on the traverse mechanism to move the vehicle or carrier plate to achieve access to the vehicle Mechanical parking garage. The working principle is to lift the vehicle or carrier plate to the designated layer with the lifting mechanism, and then use the traverse mechanism mounted on the lifting mechanism to feed the vehicle or carrier plate into the parking space; or vice versa, Designated parking spaces on the vehicle or the car plate into the lifting mechanism, the lifting mechanism down to the vehicle entrance, open the library door, the driver will drive away. This garage is generally two cars as a level, the entire storage garage up to 25 layers, can park 50 vehicles, covers an area of about 50 square meters, the average per vehicle occupies only 1-1.2 square meters, so in all three The garage type has the highest plane and space utilization. And has a high performance, power, noise is relatively small; high-speed operation, access to the car fast, forward storage, forward and out of the library; safe and reliable device; simple operation, easy maintenance and other unique advantages. The most concentrated in the highly prosperous city center area and the vehicle centralized parking point of concentration.

, The main components of the equipment Such as the garage equipment mainly by the rotary lifting device, high-speed lifting device, translation device, electronic control device (computer control system, parking detection system, etc.), security devices, automatic fire system and other components, Content is very high. 1, steel skeleton: vertical lift three-dimensional parking garage of the steel structure skeleton mainly by the outer frame, the frame, lifting rails, weight rails, load plate and other components, in fact, is a high-rise steel structure buildings. Its main role is to build a number of parking spaces and can install mechanical transmission, electrical control, safety devices, fire systems and other equipment. Stand-alone parking garage External decorative color steel plate and lightning protection device.

2, rotary lift device: mainly by the hydraulic system, lifting frame, turntable and other components. The working principle is: when the rotary device needs to rise, the pump station hydraulic cylinder piston rod extension to "X" -shaped lift rise; turn the device down through the valve for the reversing, by the rotary table to push the piston rod Indentation, turntable is down. Rotary table rotation movement is through the motor, reducer in the output of small gears driven by rotating large gears. Rotary table can be rotated in positive and negative direction to meet the needs of the car.

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